Create a digital countdown clock, screensaver or slideshow with just a few clicks.

Select the colors, select the time to countdown to and you are done. 

Add scrolling or static messages and images for a slideshow to enhance the digital countdown clock.

Switch the clock between the countdown timer, the current time.        

Samples of the clocks you can design, generate and distribute. Full screen digital clock option.

With the TimeUntil Digital Clock Generator you can design and generate screensavers and slideshows for computers running Windows, the clocks with slideshow can run on Windows and MAC OSX..

Screen shot of the layout options for screensavers.

     view more screen shots

We originally developed this digital countdown clock and retirement countdown screensaver to celebrate a co-worker's retirement. He liked it so much we decided to make it available to others. Since then many people have used it to countdown to their retirement. Others used it as a  wedding countdown, vacation countdown and for births. We are proud that it has been used by soldiers and their families to count the time until they come home. 

We added the ability to count from a date forward and it can be used without the timer. It is now a powerful and simple to use presentation tool for personal use, business, classroom and point of sale. 

Custom versions that include stop watches, logging of computer use and reminders can be created. for marketing and promotions. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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