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"T-Kingdom is an enrichment for the transgender world and it is marvelous that the community in Taiwan is caring for German genders. We are global family! Thank you friends!"

Laura Meritt

"You saved my life, Thank You!"



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Serving Tomboys and FTM since 1999
Welcome to T-Kingdom. Since 1999 we have been making and selling clothes for tomboys, FTM and anyone else who want to flatten their chest.

Our clothes are designed to be comfortable. They are as easy to wear as any shirt and they look good under other clothes allowing you to pass easily.

Shipping all over the World

T-Kingdom sell binders to people all over the world. We ship via registered postal mail which is discrete, reliable and takes 10 - 15 days to reach you.

All prices on our site are in Euro dollars, to convert into your currency please see this website.


With T-Kingdom's binders it is easy to pass since we make them to look as much as possible like regular shirts and to be thin and comfortable. Female-to-Male transgendered FtMs, tomboys and others from all over the world use our binders, see what some of our customers say about us. Not to speak about ourselves who wear them every day. You can read about our founder here...

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