About Us

  • Regent Education Group (REG) is Myanmar's
    leading international education network


Our Mission

Regent Education Group of Myanmar provides Myanmar students with the best options available for local and overseas world-class education. It prepares them for studying at the world's top universities, such as, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial, UCL in the UK, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Chicago in the USA, or Melbourne and Sydney in Australia.

Our Vision

REG understands the aspirations of parents for their children and works towards providing its students with world-class education that is second to none. We do not just provide quality education, we also provide them confidence in their knowledge and skills and give them a sense of accomplishment and achievement through exceptional academic performance.

What We Do

We have adopted a teaching method that combines class lessons with additional lectures and classroom talks by visiting professors, lecturers, industry experts, and business leaders that helps students can in honing their key skills in Information Technology (IT), Communication, Problem-Solving, Planning, Time Management, and International Exposure.

WELCOME TO Regent Education Group

Regent Education Group (REG) is Myanmar's leading international education network that aims to provide quality education at the primary, secondary, junior high level, as well as, tertiary and contemporary vocational training. Founded by Kevin Wang in early 2002, Regent Education Group is committed to maximise the potential of students in Myanmar through advanced education and knowledge.

From providing a firm foundation of business concepts and understanding of their implementation to developing different studying skills for various subject and to providing English language support to overcome language barrier, REG offers it all.

Quality education and counselling

With its aim to empowering future generations with quality education and counselling, Regent Education Group (REG) has established notable subsidiaries in Myanmar. Within the last 15 years the organisation has gained remarkable recognition for its services and has expanded its network across Myanmar. It currently has 5 business units providing professional services.

At Regent Education Group, we invite Myanmar students and parents to come visit our institutes and find out how our education providers enable students to make informed decisions about their education and career pathways.