Your e-commerce service is precious we know that,
So we make mobile apps to extend that.

MobShop is an easy way to get your own M-Commerce. With the help of our
system you can get your own customized mobile apps for your Magento store.

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Supports Default Product Types Of Magneto like Simple product, Grouped product, Bundled product, Configurable product, Virtual product, and Downloadable product


This will increase user engagement with the store as need not worry about the complex website, they can easily purchase good and service from a device right inside their pocket.


The app gives support to default Magneto 2 payment method- phone, cash on delivery, money order and personal cheque.

Take a quick overview

Some of the features available in the mobile apps
  • Home Page
  • All Categories And Products
  • My Bag
  • Notification
  • My Wishlist

Home Page

Offers a very interactive homepage where the customer can find multiple functionalities like- Category Carousel, Product Carousel, Banner sliders, Featured Product Carousel, New Product Carousel and Hot deals.

All Categories And Products

The feature permits to display all the products of the store, with their assigned and associated Sub-categories and Parent category in the mobile application too. That means, all the categories (Root category with their Sub- Categories) and all the products (Simple, Virtual, Configurable, Grouped, Bundle and Downloadable) of the store owner which are displayed on the store.

My Bag

The specified tab will redirect you to the My Bag section which will display the products in the cart with Product details like price, quantity, subtotal and an option to remove the product from the cart. It also provides options to apply discount quotes (if any) and to estimate the shipping and tax rates according to the customer’s location and shipping rates.


You can see the notification in the app. In the right drawer, you can see the “Notification” link. After clicking on it, all the notifications will be shown there. On this page, the store owner can add various deals, offer, etc. This page keeps customers notified about various information regarding the store.

My Wishlist

It will contain the products added by customers which they want to purchase in near future.It has the information with regard to product-Product name, Ratings(average rating of the product), Price of the product, Quantity of the product, option to remove the product from wishlist, any note which the customer wishes to add to the product and add to cart button in order to move the product to the cart.

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