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    Digital Therapeutics (DigiThera) was founded by a team of medical graduates at Imperial College London. Moved by seeing patients, on a daily basis, suffering with the consequences of avoidable diseases such as smoking, the team recognised the opportunity of early behavioural modification interventions. They set out to build innovative solutions to modern healthcare challenges.

  • Approach

    At DigiThera, we believe the real magic of digital health occurs at the intersection of science and design. As such, we utilise a novel management philosophy, combining the agility and instant feedback of a rapid prototyping approach with the rigorous evidence-based approach of medical research to help design innovative new solutions to these challenges. Our aim is to maintain transparency with the scientific community, constantly building on our research. That’s why we pledge to always publish our results in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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    ​We take the view that our unique company culture to be the only sustainable competitive advantage within our control. As such, it has become important for us to define what these core values actually are. This is much more than marketing talk; our core values define our culture, brand and long-term strategies. Learn more about our story here.

Investing in behavioural interventions to tackle avoidable disease

Despite great strides in modern healthcare, nearly one in four deaths in the UK are potentially avoidable. Common risk factors, such as smoking, inactivity, alcohol and an unhealthy diet are responsible for the spike in non-communicable diseases in the twenty-first century. This has led to more people dying from cancer, lung disease, asthma, type II diabetes and stroke, whilst also reducing the age of onset of conditions like dementia. Many of these diseases can be avoided through behaviour modification interventions earlier in life, resulting also in significant cost savings for modern healthcare systems.

Our aim is to leverage mobile technologies to build solutions aimed at modifying behaviour in fun and non-intrusive ways. We strongly believe in the power of mobile health (or mHealth) to help us live healthier, happier and longer lives!


Avoidable deaths in the UK


Deaths from avoidable disease in the UK


Cost of avoidable disease in the UK

What is ‘digital therapeutics’?

Digital therapeutics refers to the simple idea that digital behavioural change programmes can be as if not more effective at preventing and treating chronic disease than their pharmaceutical counterparts.

Digital therapeutics is not simply data visualisation. It is about structured behaviour change utilising big data, evidence-based therapies and user-centered design. Like all medical therapies, digital therapeutics must pass the bar of being clinically validated in peer-reviewed publications.



Follow our story, as a small but ambitious digital health startup. We write thought provoking feature length articles covering digital health, gamification, behavioural psychology and the healthcare startup landscape in London.

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Smoking is responsible for 100,000 deaths in the UK, with a direct cost of £5.2bn to the NHS. Despite more than 68% of smokers wanting to quit smoking, only 2-3% succeed in the long-term.

Quit Genius utilizes evidence-based principles from gamification combined with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to tackle the developed world’s greatest public health challenge: smoking cessation.



Executive Team

Digital Therapeutics was born when a group of Senior Medical Students and Health Management graduates at Imperial College London came together to tackle an immensely important challenge – how to help the 6.5 million people in the UK, who want to quit smoking, achieve their goals? The journey led them to develop (402) 991-6539, the world’s first evidence-based game for smoking cessation. The team is focused on using the technology they develop through Quit Genius to eventually tackle other avoidable diseases.


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