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Seize the book :)

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Does the sight of a new book make you go weak in the knees? Does the scent of a new book transport you to a magical world? Does your sense of humour consist of way too many book puns? Are books your haven? Then welcome to Litwit!

P.S. : Our community isn’t just open for bibliophiles, we’ve got something for everyone!

We love what we do every day
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Explore, Read and discuss while saving money so that it can never cause hindrance to your passion for books ;)

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    Already have an overflowing bookshelf? You just hoard your favourites? Well, then just read, return, repeat and have fun!
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    If reading was free, would you ever come out of book-world? Well, we are almost there! Read as much as you want! You order and we'll deliver, let's see how much can you read!
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    Ever felt the need for that one friend who reads the same books as you do? Well this need will be fulfilled here by giving you a platform to interact with fellow bibliophiles reading the same book as you
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    Bibliophiles Love Our Gibberish and that is what our blog is all about! Dive in to find loads of relatable content. :p

Our Process

You Explore & Order

Feel free to get lost in the vast collection of titles in our library till you find the one for you (or ones because a single book just won’t do!)

We Deliver

We bring magic to your doorstep that will cost you little to nothing! We offer free delivery above a nominal order of Rs. 200!

You Read

The best part... dive into your book while this mundane, mortal world ceases to exist!

We Discuss

Bloodshot eyes, tired mind but still bursting to discuss your latest book experience? We provide you the platform for that too, a place where you can share your opinions and discover how others perceived your shared literature endeavours!

Our Library

Dive in to our wide range of titles from Classics to bestsellers to self-help books :)


Gliding through titles after titles of books must be one of the most exhilarating yet calming feelings in the world... we bring you that without the effort of leaving your bed and venturing out! So get discovering and choosing now, leave the rest to us!

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