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Join others with similar needs to demand a better deal on insurance.




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Markham Homeowners

Join a team of homeowners to reduce your cost for property insurance.

BMW Owners

Rally with other BMW owners to achieve a fairer deal on auto insurance.

Toronto Tenants

Join this group for a great deal to insure your valuables.


We value electricians – they keep our Netflix on. Join other electricians to get a better deal on your business insurance.


Lawyers deserve a break too. Join others to save on your insurance needs.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops have given us so much – it’s time we give back. Team up with other coffee shop owners to demand fairer commercial insurance.

How it Works

foxquilt leverages a sharing economy technology platform so that groups of individuals or businesses seeking the same type of insurance can band together to save.

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    Together we achieve more. Join others with similar needs and save $ on insurance.

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Our Team

Mark Morissette

Co-Founder, CEO

Karim Jamal

Co-Founder, CFO

Milind Joshi

Technology Lead

We have over 20 years of experience developing underwriting and technology solutions for the insurance industry. We designed foxquilt to help you! Our goal is to reduce the cost of insurance for individuals and small business owners.


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