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    It's important to understand your motivations for starting your own business.
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  • Make an informed decision.

    How do your interests and goals measure up to the many available franchises?
  • Trust our process.

    We have a 6-step process that will guide and assist you all along the way.

There's a clear path to finding your franchise business.

We have developed a process that will inform & guide you from our initial conversation right up to Discovery Day. We will ensure that you get all your questions answered and concerns addressed.

BAI Assessment

In addition, you can take our FREE Core Values assessment tool. The BAI Assessment Core Values Index (CVI) is the only human assessment that uses strategic and tactical values to find that innate nature of the person. Year after year, the CVI will have a 97% repeat-score reliability! This is the highest reliability score of any human profiling instrument.

The BAI Assessment matches the core values of the person; their innate nature; to franchise companies that make sense. In other words, find a business that is a natural fit for YOU! These assessment tools will help pinpoint the best franchise model and industry for you.

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We are serious about helping you with decisions affecting your future - We truly want to get you into a franchise that will best fit your goals and lifestyle.



Relax. Trust in the process and you might just be surprised at what we can discover together.

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